Mar del Plata

Sierra de los Padres

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Coming out of Mar del Plata via Av. Luro, you will find 226 Route, a double lane highway what makes its transit very comfortable and safe, allowing us to appreciate the characteristic beauty of its mountain landscape. As you advance along it you will go over a road surrounded by fields and farms, having the mountains as the background every time.
At the 16th km you will find with the spot “El Coyunco”, turning left you enter to Padre Luis Varetto access, where you will find the entrance mast and 50 meters far from there the Information and Tourist Orientation Cabin ‘Sierra de los Padres’ is located, where you will be given free brochures for your orientation in this place.
Sierra de los Padres, belonging to the Tandilia System (the most ancient orographic folding of the world), constitutes a picturesque place transformed into an important residential zone.
Going up to the top of Sierra de los Padres with an average height of 50 meters over the sea level, you arrive at the panoramic point where you obtain a wonderful sight of the country area that surrounds it, the Laguna de los Padres and the 226 Province Route called Garden Route.
Pines, eucalyptus, aromos, cedars, ash trees and elm trees –all of them exotic species- and talas, willows, curros and chilcas –autochthonous- step over the sierra’s slope, where larks, fieldfares, chimangos, woodpeckers and ringdoves flies, and some Yarará (poisonous snake) and snakes hide.
In the final counterforts of Sierra de los Padres, important archaeological findings have been made, like rupestrian pictures. Another fundamental discovery is constituted by the Tixi Cave in which various elements –that are now in a research stage- were found. This research will provide extremely important and unknown data about Anthropology and man forefathers in this Buenos Aires’ area.

Delimited by a forest park that comprises a 687 hectares space, the Laguna de los Padres is one of the main recreational centres of the city. It has big parks, ideal for making picnics and outdoor games. There you can rent boats (the water mirror allows a rich and varied fishing) and firesides.
The vegetation can be classified into: emerged, submerged and floating. Regarding its fauna, in the area you can see over 90 species of birds which use the sector as a nutrition zone, shearing their habitat with mammals and amphibious.
We can also find a shopping centre with telephonic services, real estate agencies, automatic teller machine, a Welsh Cake and European Pastry House, crafts, among other services.