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History of Santa Clara del Mar
This summer village was founded by Mr. Antonio Orenzans, on February 20th 1949, over a 400 h. country space that belonged to Clara de Anchorena and Mercedes Anchorena, who were a traditional Argentine family and proprietary, in that moment, of big farm extensions in our partido.

This place was acquired by VISEMAR S. A. corporation, integrated by important Mar del Plata’s neighbours as Don Teodoro Bronzini, then mayor of this city; Don Carmelo Catuogno, etc., in order to urbanize the place but for many reasons they abandoned the project and the initiative was taken by Antonio Orenzans who created Santa Clara del Mar S. R. L. society and accomplished, on February 20th 1949, the urbanization of this summer locality, calling it Santa Clara del Mar, in honour to its ancient proprietors and giving its streets names of recognized seaside resorts of Argentina and the world.

The primary school Nº 8 “Martín Miguel de Güemes” was inaugurated in its own building in 1955. In 1958, Route 11 was paved, from Parque Camet to Army’s Unit 601 and its final stretch, up to Santa Clara del Mar, was finished in 1964.

On April 27th 1967, Santa Clara del Mar connected itself to the high-tension net, having permanent energy, because previously it did it only for some hours. In the same year but a month later, telephone communications were officially inaugurated, having urban, national and international lines. The first First-aid hospital was inaugurated. The first seaside resort of the zone called “El Morro” was inaugurated; it had beach umbrellas, tents, lifeguards, restaurant, cafeteria and disco.
In 1968, the Atlantic Route, that joins National Route Nº 2 in the 386th kilometre with Santa Clara del Mar’s entrance, was paved. One year later, the gas station of Automóvil Club Argentino (Argentine Automobile Club) was precariously installed.
In 1975, the electric services’ company D.E.B.A. took responsibility for the high-tension net, starting a great development period for the village.
In 1981, the Sanitary Unit’s own building and the catholic chapel Santa Clara de Asís were inaugurated. The chapel was blessed by the bishop who was, in that moment, Rómulo García.

Most of the institutions that function at the present in our community have been created since 1983. We can mention, among them: Fomentation Society SCASEMAR and the Library Hans Sailer, Social and Sport Club Santa Clara, Retired persons’ Centre RENACER, Museum PACHAMAMA, Secondary School Nº 1, Voluntary Firemen, categorization to Sub - Police Station Santa Clara del Mar.