Mar del Plata


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  • Sheraton Las Barcas

    Sheraton Las Barcas

    Alem 4221

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  • La Paloma Brewing

    La Paloma Brewing

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  • Punta Marina Restaurante

    Punta Marina Restaurante

    Av. Independencia 502

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  • Timoteo Restaurante Pizzas

    Timoteo Restaurante Pizzas

    Alberti 2266 / Av. Constitución 5371

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  • Zafarrancho Restaurante

    Zafarrancho Restaurante

    Belgrano 2361

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Regarding food, Mar del Plata is the indicated place. Here you’ll find that the gastronomy is diverse and accessible for all tastes and possibilities.
Our dishes are prepared with the freshest raw materials from farms’ zone, close countries and the sea.
From a breakfast with the classical Mar del Plata’s “medialunas” to the most elaborated and exotic international dishes, can be enjoyed in each of our gastronomic places.

The Argentine meat enjoys a recognized world prestige, and particularly the preparation of “asado” (roast meat broiled with hot coals), is an essential part of Pampa’s cattle culture. The tasty roasted meats (crosscut ribs or whole ribs, bifes de chorizo, vacío) and “achuras” (‘chinchulines’ –guts-, sweet-breads, criadilla, and udder) can be tasted in many Mar del Plata’s restaurants.

International menues together with the most traditional recipes, principally Spanish and Italian ones, conjugate with German, Arabian, Basque, Chinese, Japanese and French food. A special mention is deserved by the Mexican food, whose restaurants enjoy a big success among tourists and residents.
The Port’s Commercial and Gastronomic Centre, located on the corner of Martínez de Hoz Avenue and 12 de Octubre Street’s beginning, offers many alternatives, where you can taste the typical paella and exquisite fish and shellfish plates. You can also purchase conserves and regional souvenirs.

  Three traditional Mar del Plata’s souvenirs, that any tourist should not avoid tasting, are the classic “alfajores” (two biscuits joined together with dulce de leche or fruit jam and covered with chocolate or vanilla), the dulce de leche and the dulce de leche sweets.
Among the most appreciated and consumed desserts throughout the whole year, we find the Mar del Plata’s ice cream, whose creamy texture and coolness characterize its unmistakable flavour.