Mar del Plata

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Mar del Plata is located 404 km south of Buenos Aires city on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean.
Poputlation: 650.000
Surface: 1453 km
Coast: 47 km
weather: Mild with sea influence

Average yearly maximum: 19ºC
Average summer maximum: 26ºC
Average winter maximum: 13ºC

Access to Mar del Plata from Buenos Aires:
By Autovía 2 (freeway): 404 km.
By Ruta 11 (road): 602 km.
By Ruta 226 (road): 441 km.

How far is it?
By car: 4 hours (Autovía 2)
By bus: 5 hours
By Ferrocarril: 5.30 hours
By Plane: 45 minutes

Destination Mar del Plata
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The Astor Piazzolla International Airport is located only 10 minutes away from downtown. Three airlines offer different national destinations with more than forty weekly flights that increase during the summer season. About four trains reach the city daily, and the trip from Buenos Aires takes around five hours.

The modern and safe Autovía 2 joins Buenos Aires city with Mar del Plata in a four-hour trip (404 km). Three roads (11, 88 and 226) also connect Mar del Plata with Buenos Aires and the rest of the country.

More than fifty bus companies link the city with the rest of the country. The journey from Buenos Aires lasts approximately 5 hours.

Astor Piazzolla International Airport
Author: waltërcin