Mar del Plata


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Hotels 4 stars Mar del Plata

  • Hotel Iruña
  • Tel.: (0223) 491-1060
  • Address: Juan Bautista Alberdi 2270
Video of Hotels in Mar del Plata
Mar del Plata offers you a range of options to enjoy, according to ages and preferences. Thematic parks, aquariums, ecological farms, seafronts and aerial saunters and boat fishing’s excursions are some of the alternatives in use all year round. In the natural environment of the beaches, ravines and sierras, the city offers the chance to practise a lot of activities in contact with nature.

Besides, at the urban surroundings you can enjoy the architectonic patrimony constituted by big villages that date from the beginning of the century; the commercial sector through his shoppings, downtowns and shopping arcades.
Enter this virtual trip and enjoy the different alternatives that Mar del Plata offers you.
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