Mar del Plata


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The tale of the weasels

A beautiful star of the golden age of cinema, an actor in the twilight of his life, a frustrated film writer and an old director do everything possible to preserve the world they have created in an old mansion before the arrival of two young people who present a threat that can put everything in d ...
Biographical film that follows the story of writer Tolkien (author of The Lord of the Rings) in his formative years, his friendships, loves and the artistic inspiration he found in his school group.
Ugly Dolls

The perfect dolls always arrive at the hands of the boys, but when a doll comes failing or is "ugly" it is sent to UglyVille where they live happily together with other UglyDolls. When Moxy, along with Ox, UglyDog, LuckyBat, Wage and Babo cross the border of their world to that of the perfect doll ...
The Sun Is Also a Star

Daniel and Natasha are two strangers who meet on a magical day in New York. There are only a few hours left for Natasha to leave the United States: her family is about to be deported to Jamaica but while the sparks between them arise, she must fight with the new feelings that Daniel awakens in her ...
A Dog's Journey

Continue the adventure of Ethan and his dog Bailey. Years passed and Ethan is now the grandfather of a little girl named CJ. When she moves to another city and Bailey reaches her old age, before dying Ethan asks her pet that in her next life her purpose is to find CJ and accompany her in her growt ...
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